07 July 2005

no Jose Velarde, no Jose Pidal

I recently posted a comment in Jim Paredes' blog (with several mistakes, I might add.) I inadvertently posted my comment twice, and both posts had the same grammatical errors. I blame my fast clicking finger on both accounts. I’m no English major, so sa aking mga kababayan, I am sorry. I ask for your forgiveness for whatever “lapse in grammatical judgement” I may have committed in any of my previous (and future) posts. I now wish to move forward with my blogging life :) Jim’s blog (or Mr. Paredes’ blog, lest somebody thinks that I know him personally) has been insightful, and more or less aligns with my own reflections on what is happening on this nation (or state of the nation. heheh). His “musings and random thoughts” on life and his music make me think that if Apo Hiking Society were the Beatles, Jim would be John Lennon. (How’s that for a compliment, Mr. Jim? :) Hopefully, that would aid in your speedy recovery eh. Godspeed :)

After promoting my blog in his blog (forgive me for that momentary selfish act) and inviting him to check it out, I then signed the post as Jose Andres. I suddenly realized that my chosen nom de plume has a discomforting resemblance to two other notorious Joses of recent Philippine history. Horror of horrors! I immediately disclaimed any relations to the two Joses. Belated as my realization may seem, I have to set the record straight. Although how I wish this could be true, I have no millions hidden in secret bank accounts (or millions for that matter, whether secret or not :) It also dawned on me that Rizal might be turning from his grave upon hearing that his name has become the favorite of money launderers (and not just any money launderers mind you, but the kind that steals from the people they have sworn to serve – the most despicable type of thief.)

I originally wanted “AndresJose” in the URL of this blog, but it is already taken. (I guess I am more biased towards Bonifacio. But I know nothing, so I just leave that to the scholars.) Good thing that after the switch, it is still available. I just hope that through this blog (forgive me for this momentary self-aggrandizing act) that I somehow can reclaim the good name of Rizal that has been so tarnished by the likes of Mr. Velarde and Mr. Pidal. While I am at it (feeling self-important, that is :) , I now call on Mr. Jim and to all the other bloggers (and non-bloggers) out there who still cares for this nation, that perhaps by spreading and making our thoughts about this nation known, we can perhaps help form that collective consciousness as a nation (that we so lack), and ultimately help rebuild this nation blog by blog :) (I can dream, can I?)


c said...

i liked your comment-- "maybe blog by blog we can change this nation".

indeed i'm finding out that there are still a lot of filipinos who share the same sentiment--that of a better nation led by someone conscientious. with the help of the internet (& blogs for that matter), i think at some point in time, we can reach a critical mass to actually raise people's consciousness and help the nation move forward. hopefully that time won't be a day too late.

Jose Andres said...

Thanks C. Yes, hopefully that time won't be a day too late.