03 July 2005

Why would anyone want to become president? Loren? Francis?

I cannot fathom why would anyone want to become the president of this nation. For fortune? For fame? For greatness? For power? For prestige? Is there really anybody out there who is so selfless to think of the nation way above himself or herself? I wish I could ask Loren Legarda that question (and of the current occupant as well, more on that on the next posts). I am sure, several years from now (perhaps in 2016? – if there is still the Philippines then), I would be asking that same question to Francis Escudero. But let’s tackle Loren for now. Seeing that she will not be chosen as the administration’s running mate in the 2004 elections, she bolted out and ran alongside FPJ, supposedly she thinks FPJ is the most qualified for the job. But of course, nobody believed her, even FPJ’s supporters didn’t believe her. She’s deadset to become president in 2010, believing that FPJ (because of his popularity with the masses) will become the president and her - the vice-president, a launching pad for 2010. If what the Philippines needs is a self-less leader to get out of its rut, then Loren fails so miserably. Now that there’s a prospect (albeit, so slim) of Arroyo stepping down, she comes out of her obscurity of being a private citizen and again reviving her ambition of becoming president. Perhaps power is a very potent addicting drug, once you’ve tried it, you cannot stop yourself for craving for more.

The very same potent drug is now being tasted by Francis Escudero, a congressman on his way to the Senate (and perhaps onto the presidency in 2016?). The current House Minority Leader and the de-facto spokesperson of the opposition, Escudero just recently tasted victory in getting the Supreme Court to stop the implementation of the E-VAT (I am no economist, but I think this again screws up the economy), claiming that “this is a victory of the citizens against the oppressive policies”. Aaah, what a statement, it makes one wishes that you have a Francis Escudero on your side to protect you against oppression. Where was one Francis Escudero when Erap was oppressing the Filipino people with his “ako/kamag-anak/kaibigan-first” policies and “midnight-cabinet” deals? Where was he when Erap was screwing the nation’s economy? Perhaps, he thinks that screwing the economy will “free” the citizens from “oppression”. This is also the same congressman who thinks FPJ is the most qualified for the job of the president, just like Loren Legarda. Are these two self-less enough to lead this nation? Go figure.

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