02 July 2005


Welcome. This blog is not really about me. It’s about, as the title claims, what is running through my mind (if anyone cares at all) as I read the day’s events on a nation called The Philippines. A nation you can be proud of, ashamed of, or both. If you don’t think these two emotions towards ones nation can ever be mixed, try being a Filipino. Yup, I am a Filipino - born and bred on this land. If you happen to notice the two names concatenated on the URL of this blog, chances are you are too. I have no illusions that I can ever compare myself to these two great men, nor can I ever claim that I can ever think like these two great minds. Though, it would really be interesting to know what could be running through their minds right now if they are reading the day’s events in the nation they once helped build. What would Rizal think? What would Bonifacio do? I barely passed Philippine history. I leave that to the scholars.

I guess by now, you more or less know the reason that urged me to create this blog. The events of the past few weeks (and perhaps the past few years) have stirred enough emotions about my nation to finally put what I am thinking in writing. I could write them all on paper, hide it and forget all about it. I could do that, or publish them and hope that somehow it could change The Philippines (for now, and the world later)! :) Kidding. The thought of having your writings published (albeit freely now, thanks to the internet) appeals to my vanity. I guess I am a frustrated writer, and besides, this can be a form of therapy. (By the way, this is the extent of what I will say about me on this blog). So, here it is, or at least until I lose interest, delete this blog, and pretend it never existed.